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The history of Santanyi

The municipality of Santanyí was first mentioned in writing in 1236. Prehistoric finds suggest that this area had been settled much earlier.

At that time, one of the estates bore this name and it was then used as the town name in the course of settlement.

In the 13th century, Santanyi was constantly attacked by pirates. The region around Santanyi suffered from this for a long time.

In the same century, Santanyi was granted town rights. Santanyi has been able to preserve the Mallorcan way of life over time and is therefore still a piece of authentic Mallorca today. This is despite the fact that, as in the rest of Mallorca, tourism has increased here since 1960.

 Today, Santanyí is one of Mallorca's hotspots because of its typical Mallorcan market. The municipality of Santanyí also includes the beautiful fishing village of Porto Petro, Cala Figuera, Cala Llombards, Cas Concos, as well as Cala S'Alumina and Cala Mondrago. The tourist centre of Cala D'Or also belongs to the municipality of Santanyi.

Many of the most beautiful places and beaches are in the immediate vicinity.


The practice of orthopaedic specialist Dr Manfred Schlüter is located in the centre of Santanyí, in Carrer de Llaneras, 2. The building was built in 1889 and initially served as a residential house. Later, the house housed various handicraft businesses.

In the mid-1980s, the ground floor was last used as a shoemaker's shop with a shoe shop, which was then converted over time into a building materials store.

After the economic situation of the building materials shop necessitated expansion and a move, the building was vacated.

In 2000, the vacant rooms were rented by the German orthopaedic specialist Dr. med. Katthagen in Santanyí and converted into an orthopaedic specialist practice with radiology by a German architectural office. However, it was important to Dr. Katthagen that the alterations did not change the Mallorcan style of the building.

The new practice rooms were approved, most recently in 2022, by the Conselleria de Salut i Consum of the Govern de las Islas Baleares .

Today, the orthopaedic practice in Santanyí has the X-rays required for diagnosis made in the surrounding X-ray centres. The evaluation of the X-ray images on Mallorca is still carried out by Dr. Manfred Schlüter. Once the X-ray images have been evaluated, the necessary treatment can be carried out immediately.

In 2014, the practice was expanded with Dr. med. dent. Volker Goebel in the areas of conservative and operative dentistry. In the team around Dr. Goebel in Santanyí, Astrid Schäfer takes care of the preventive care and hygiene of your teeth.

In the first quarter of 2018, Dr. med. Katthagen handed over orthopaedics to his successor Dr. med. Manfred Schlüter to retire to private life.

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