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Professional teeth cleaning in Mallorca

Whether you are holidaying in Mallorca or living here as a resident: take the time to smile relaxed, healthy and bright and boost your self-esteem.

My name is Astrid Schäfer and I am your dental technician with special prophylaxis training at the Medical Center Santanyí. With my further training and more than 30 years of professional experience, I am available for the professional cleaning of your teeth in Mallorca by appointment in the southeast of Mallorca in Santanyí.

If you wish, you can arrange your professional dental prophylaxis with me not only in Santanyí in the medical center, but also in Cala d'Or in the practice rooms of Excellent Dent, if it is easier and more convenient for you to reach, if there is free capacity there

The advantage of a professional teeth cleaning is the only way to detect small lesions on the tooth or irritations on the gums at an early stage and thus reduce dental treatment to a minimum and keep your teeth in a healthy condition for a long time of your life keep. Based on my professional experience, I can assure you that professional teeth cleaning twice a year is effective and sensible.

I personally do not recommend dentifrices that promise a whitening effect. Due to the fine cleaning or emery particles contained in it, you slowly but surely wear away the tooth enamel when brushing your teeth, which can often lead to pain-sensitive teeth, since the actual protection of the tooth, namely your tooth enamel, becomes thinner and thinner.

Make an appointment directly with me for adult and children's dental prophylaxis

Analysis of tooth contamination

Complete removal of all hard and soft deposits such as tartar and plaque removal

Cleaning the interdental spaces

tooth polish

fluoridation of the teeth

professional whitening

tooth jewellery

Instructions for personal tooth cleaning
You can reach me directly by phone
(+34) 634 311 841
or by email

Brushing your teeth: Your personal tooth cleaning at home

Correct and conscientious brushing of teeth as well as additional professional tooth cleaning are the cornerstones for long-term health of your teeth.

Regular tooth brushing is the main part of your own dental care and is a basic requirement for individual sustainable dental care.

This means that you and your children brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes.

Personal teeth cleaning can take many forms. The so-called rotation method in the form of cleaning circular movements, which have usually proven themselves in children because of the learning effect, as well as the so-called sweeping technique, in which the teeth are swept from red to white. Red in this case means gums, white teeth. This technique is recommended once children have internalized the sustainability and thoroughness of brushing their teeth. In addition to cleaning the teeth, dental floss can be used for narrow spaces, and the so-called interdental brush can be used for larger spaces between the teeth. All this, applied regularly and consistently, represents an optimal prophylaxis of personal tooth cleaning and daily oral hygiene.

But what you need to know is that with your regular and conscientious dental care you can only reach approx. 60% of your tooth surfaces with a normal toothbrush. Slightly better results can be achieved with an electric toothbrush.

Due to the anatomical individuality of the teeth, it is possible that certain parts of the teeth are not cleaned sufficiently over a longer period of time. This means that leftover food and saliva deposits in these areas, which then develops into plaque. This in turn can lead to tooth decay and/or periodontal disease.

Such risks can be minimized by professional teeth cleaning. 


Professional teeth cleaning in Santanyí and Cala d'Or

Americans get their teeth cleaned twice a year.  Instead of having the desired six-monthly examination at the dentist, as is common in Europe, these examinations are carried out by a so-called dental hygienist . When teeth are cleaned professionally, the first thing that is naturally noticed is the infestation of caries or gingivitis. It follows that the professional examination and cleaning of the teeth in the event of abnormalities is followed by the precise diagnosis and treatment by the dentist.

In several studies, the Swede  Per Axelsson   has already proven in the eighties in studies lasting more than 30 years that regular systematic professional tooth cleaning reduces periodontitis and Caries risk and thus the probability of disease can be greatly reduced.

The  AOK   in Germany also publishes that regular professional tooth cleaning represents an optimization of the  daily oral hygiene measures at home.



Coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes are the causes of a yellowish, dark haze that gradually settles on the enamel. Even brushing your teeth regularly cannot always prevent this.

If possible, bleaching should not be attempted on your own, as unforeseeable complications can occur in the dental area for a variety of reasons. In your own interest, bleaching should therefore only be carried out under dental supervision.

The professional bleaching treatment in Santanyí takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

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