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Orthopaedic treatments


...can save your holiday!


Orthopaedics - Sports medicine - Traumatology

Acupuncture - Shockwave therapy - Chirotherapy


Since 1 January 2018, the orthopaedist and sports physician Dr. med. Manfred Schlüter has been working in Santanyi as the immediate successor to Dr. med. E. - W. Katthagen. As an extension of orthopaedics and sports medicine, Dr. Manfred Schlüter now also offers acupuncture and shock wave therapy in Santanyi in the (former) Medizin Centrum Santanyí.


Lumbago in Mallorca

You have just finished your flight to Mallorca and are now waiting for your suitcases. 20 kg of luggage are coming. Bending your upper body slightly forward, you take your suitcase off the conveyor belt. It has already happened. A sharp pain shoots into your back and turns every further movement into a hellish torment. Even taking the towel off the couch can have a similar effect. Such trivial things are very often responsible for lumbago on holiday in Mallorca, which then very quickly ceases to be a holiday.


Medical treatment on holiday

This can also happen to you. Shortly before you go on holiday, you fall ill. But you are ready for a holiday, now even more so. Your orthopaedist in Germany would have no objection to the holiday in principle, if continuous further treatment could be guaranteed on Mallorca. From his point of view, it would be advantageous if he could communicate professionally with a German colleague on Mallorca in order to be able to successfully continue the therapy started at the holiday destination.

For orthopaedic care on Mallorca or discussion of X-ray findings, please remember to bring the available documents with you while you are still in Germany (CT and MRI findings, X-ray images, etc.). Please remember to make a note of the contact details of your orthopaedist in Germany.



Orthopaedic treatments are based, among other things, on rapid chirotherapeutic help for "dislocated" (blocked) vertebrae with lumbago-like complaints, neck and shoulder striae and thoracic spine pain. 


Special experience exists in conservative orthopaedics to avoid or bypass surgery. Diseases of the spine and joints are treated with chirotherapeutic measures. 

Special procedures are used for tinnitus, dizziness, headaches and facial pain, vegetative diseases such as palpitations, always in cooperation with internists, neurologists and ENT doctors.



The term comes from the Greek. Traumatology deals with injuries to the musculoskeletal system in the broadest sense. The science of traumatology therefore covers the area of injuries and wounds, their origin and their therapy.


The treatment of bone fractures, punctures of joint effusions and the treatment of sports injuries, including Japanese tape therapies, are just as much part of the treatment spectrum as arthrosis prophylaxis, muscle building and the general assessment of incorrect strain on the spine, arms and legs. Insoles and orthopaedic remedies and aids are also available. In addition, there is close cooperation with hospitals, clinics and colleagues in private practice.



Shock wave therapy

Special treatments for tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, shoulder, knee and hip complaints as well as shoulder stiffness and muscular tension (trigger point treatment).



Many years of experience in ultrasound examinations of muscles, tendons and joints.


Pain therapy 

Certain infusion and injection procedures are carried out according to the individual case. Individual treatment rooms are available for this purpose for implementation and monitoring. Every illness is accompanied by physiotherapeutic measures ("mild medicine") if desired. 


Cartilage therapy

Cartilage-building injection treatments (hyaluronic acid) are available for joint pain and wear and tear.


Sports medicine 

Acute injuries and chronic illnesses are treated in particular. The necessary aids for the spine and joints (bandages, girdles, (physiological) tapes, bandages) are prescribed or fitted directly in the practice.

Guidance for self-help.



Of course, we can organise the necessary physiotherapeutic treatments for you. In the case of illnesses and complaints for which you (cannot) take the time to treat yourself at home, we can offer you coordinated treatments. By arranging treatment times especially with you, this will of course not get in the way of your holiday leisure time.


X-ray findings/examination of MRT examinations

You have X-ray documents from your doctor in Germany with you, because your family doctor has advised you to have a medical-orthopaedic holiday accompaniment on Mallorca. Or you had to go to hospital unexpectedly during your holiday in Mallorca.



Dr. Manfred Schlüter worked intensively on the study to prove the effectiveness of acupuncture in orthopaedic diseases (GERAC study), which led to the inclusion of acupuncture in the catalogue of benefits of the statutory health insurance funds in Germany.

The GERAC STUDY is still one of the largest acupuncture studies worldwide.

Acupuncture as a branch of traditional Chinese medicine is a form of treatment that is thousands of years old. The basic techniques and theories were already developed about 2600 years ago. The first written summary of the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine goes back to the "Yellow Emperor", a comprehensive collection of all medical knowledge of the time.

So very early on, the principles were laid down according to which treatment is still carried out today.

YIN and YANG symbolise the dipole character of energy: warmth is opposed to cold, fullness to emptiness, movement to rigidity. 

The body tries to keep these opposites in balance. To do this, it needs chi, the energy that moves everything. Chi is maintained through nutrition and breathing.

Illness was and is understood as an imbalance of energy in the body. Influences that cause illness (wind, cold, emotional disturbances) lead to energy no longer circulating properly in the body. 

According to the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, this energy circulates over time on or in certain pathways, the so-called MERIDIANES. 

Each meridian has a particularly energetically favourable time. Thus, disturbances that always occur at certain times can already give an indication of which meridian, and thus which organ, is ill. 

If the flow of energy is disturbed, blockages occur. The energy accumulates in front of the blockage. Typical are then so-called fullness symptoms such as heat and swelling. 

Behind the blockage the energy is missing and we see symptoms of emptiness such as coldness and weakness. 

By needling certain points, acupuncture tries to dissolve the energy blockage and normalise the energy flow. This can simultaneously improve symptoms such as pain, cramps and weakness.

In addition, the body's functions must of course be supported. Healthy food, sufficient fluids and exercise are part of getting healthy, as in western medicine! 

Acupuncture as a form of treatment is, like all medical procedures, subject to constant review and further development.  New points show better effects on certain diseases than the old points.

In addition, there is the method of "periosteal acupuncture" developed by Felix Mann, a nephew of the famous German writer Thomas Mann. 

According to him, there are no acupuncture points and no meridians.

Acupuncture works by activating so-called reflex zones. More or less large areas are then activated via needles, partly with irritation of the periosteum (bone skin).

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